Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Books in The Flames

       Staring at the clock that was ticking so slowly. Each second that passed, was one second closer to the end of the day. I cherished every moment as time ticked by. My heart sunk although no tears nor emotion could work their way out. At this moment there was nothing or anything that could fill the hole in my heart.  
“Isabelle, please come to the front,” my teacher called out to me.
I quickly stood up and walked to the front of the classroom. What was this about, I think. There is no way that I could know because I was not listening! My heart raced.  After all, it could not be too bad.
One by one, my classmates came up  and said things that they were going to miss about me and that was when I felt the tears well up in my eyes. For each tear released, I fought another 12 back. I tried to jam the tears back into my body. It felt as if those tears were going to kill me. I hugged my teacher and said my goodbyes. After a long while, all the tears had fallen and there were no more left to release.
The bell went, and straight away everyone struggled while all pushing each other through the door and  stormed out of the school. I did not understand why everyone was so excited ; it felt as if I had landed in a deep dark cave.  It seemed as if someone came up to me and kicked my in my stomach, so hard that I thought I could have fainted. All this time I had just been wanting to start a new life, although now,  it just seems like a threat to me. Whenever seconds ticked by, it felt like minutes and whenever minutes past it felt like hours.
I slowly walked through the long halls with some of my friends by my side. I looked at everything for the last time. We walked past the reading nook and I remembered my friends and I pretending to read while we were just laughing away. I remembered the elevator where we pretended to have injuries and be in pain just so we could use the lift.
I took one final look at the school and then my legs pedaled home. Each happy memory turned to sorrow in my heart. The fastest I could go was about the pace of a snail. Why did it take me such a long time to get home? I felt a tear roll down the side of my face. I mumbled and muttered as I gradually pulled up by my house. I quickly parked my bike in the garden, went inside and ran into my mum’s arms.
I dumped myself and heavy school bag that was filled with all the notebooks and work we had done this year down on the couch and started taking all my notebooks out of it and piled them onto the floor in front of me. I was just about to throw my notebooks into a box before an idea popped into my head. Straight away, I ran out the front door and across the street. I rang the doorbell to my best friend’s house. Yes, my best friend lived in the house across from mine, isn’t that amazing! Fre herself was very jolly and always had a smile painted onto her face.
She opened the door and I could tell she was happy to see me.

“I have an idea!” I said with great pride.
We shared similar looks and I knew she was thinking the same.

I carried all my notebooks that I had worked in this year - which were a handful of them. Meanwhile, Fre had already been getting the fire ready. I closed the gate behind me that lead into Fre’s backyard and ran into the forest.
The forest had always been such a welcoming place that filled my heart with joy everytime I was there. It had always felt like my home and the place where I belong. The tall, strong trees were always there to protect you as if mighty men armoured in shields and weapons were standing right beside you. The forest is a place that is open to everyone. Even if you’re on Santa’s naughty list, it makes you feel free. You can run around all you want and talk all you want without anything harming you.  
I walked past a hill and remembered Fre and I biking off the top and racing down. I held my breath then I leaned forward and the race began. The wind blew in my  face. It lifted my spirits and it felt as if I was racing on air. The blood rushed through my body as I went straight down and rode off the hill.
We were ready, with all the notebooks piled to one side we lit the fire. It was becoming dark outside until the only light that, was left was the fire. The smoke soared up into the night sky and blew away. We took in turns throwing a notebook into the fire. We had found big logs that we sat on and told stories. Funny stories, scary stories, stories of all kinds. Laughing for absolutely no reason other than the joy of being together.
“Listen up,” I said “You’ll love this one.
“Okay,” Fre replied “Let me hear it!”
I stood up, as if getting ready to present a whole speech. My laughter took control over my body and before I could tell the joke I fell onto the ground as tears of joy welled up in my eyes.
When I finally recovered, I cleared my throat and started to speak.
“Okay, Is your name Wifi?” I continued “because I feel connected!”
I sat back down and we both fell backwards off the logs after laughing ourselves to the ground.
Our notebooks were no longer notebooks but ashes that flew away as the wind blew. The wood was burning rapidly so we added more into the fire. The flames were burning and the fire was becoming so big. We waited for the fire to dim down and added notebooks into the fire. The school year had finally come to an end and this occasion made me feel as if summer was really here.
Flames were growing as the experiences yet to come and the opportunities up ahead grew.

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